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Time for a New Name for Food Allergies

I had an interesting conversation with my wife the other day on the topic of Food Allergies.  It is interesting because every parent that engages in the daily battle of managing food allergies for their child is an amazing Hero in my opinion.  These are the parents that wake up every day and help their kids manage the […]

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March 2016 Support Group Meeting

If you are a parent of a child with food allergies, we invite you to our March 2016 food allergy support group meeting.  Designed for parents with kids with food allergies, our meetings (that meet every other month), help support parents with a wide range of food allergy topics.  The goal of the meeting is […]

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Costco let me down…but only for 2 weeks

It is interesting when you have kids with food allergies because you come to realize that your semi-controllable ritual is what you rely on most in your day.  You live your life like a scientist in that you want things that “work” and do not cause “allergic reactions” to become the norm.  You want things […]

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Dr Randhawa and OIT Treatments

Food allergy is an abnormal reaction of the immune system that occurs soon after eating specific foods. The immune system overacts to the proteins found in that food. Even a very tiny amount of the allergic food can trigger digestive problems, hives and swollen airways. In some cases, these reactions can be so severe that […]

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