Allergy Cards Help Spread Word About Children’s Health Risks


Posted by OCFoodallergy on Sep 13, 2014 in Support Group | 0 comments

Recently a great article appeared in the Wall Street Journal on Allergy Cards for birthdays, events, coaches, etc.  It is a quick way to spread the word about a food allergy, while giving all of the relevant and essential contact information for your child.

I can definitely see the benefit to having these in your wallet, a purse, a car or briefcase.  Having these can quickly tell the story about your child’s food allergies as well as the response that should be taken in the event of an exposure to an unwanted allergen.

Allergy cards are increasingly popping up on back-to-school shopping lists as parents seek a more efficient and thorough way to inform a new batch of teachers, coaches, sitters and friends about their children’s allergies.

The handout, usually the size of a business card, details a child’s allergies and includes instructions on how to handle a reaction, sometimes with a reminder to dial 911 before the parents’ phone numbers, which usually are also listed.

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