Allergy-Free Bakery Sensitive Sweets Comes to the OC


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I know what you are thinking.  There is a headline typo for this story.  Allergy-free Bakery.  Really?

When you visit Sensitive Sweets for the first time, you will realize that there is a definitely a passion for kids with food allergies that exists within.  Owner Melanie, mother of 2 boys, has been living the life of a mother of a child with food allergies for several years now…thus the reason and her motivation for opening the allergy-free bakery.  You can tell that Melanie is pastionate about her product.  Just .talking with her for a few minutes will unveil her touching story and the too common tale of a parent’s struggle with a child that battles food allergies.

Within her store, which is conveniently located about a 1/4 off Freeway at Brookhurst and the 405 Freeway, this North Orange County bakery is the only bakery in Orange County that is truly allergy-free.  You will not find any regular products in this story.  Her store has been open about a month now (although she has been doing the business for several years) and the traffic is beginning to pick up.  We were able to visit her on a Saturday with our two kids in tow.  With the exception of an item or two, everything in the store is allergy-free:  wheat (gluten) free, dairy (casein) free, egg free, soy free and nut free….however, it is better to call ahead and make sure that your child’s particular allergy is not an issue.

And just wait until you hop over to her website and start to look at the “what is possible” selection of allergy-free cakes that they can produce.  I can safely say that our next birthday party will have some form of treat creation from Sensitive Sweets.  Having looked through some of the cakes they have created, Sensitive Sweets is definitely the Ace of Allergy-Free Cakes for Orange County.  I think even Duff Goldman would be proud.

As we left the store today, the words written below on a large chalboard rang true with us….”Everyone deserves a treat.”  When your kids have food allergies…these are definitely special words to ready.  Take a second and read about Melanie’s story.  If you or your kids suffer from food allergies, make sure you give yourself a treat and head up to their store in Fountain Valley.  Keep in mind that the store is not open Sundays/Mondays. But speaking from my experience (and the happy smiles on my kids as we walked out with enough sweets to last the week), you will not be disappointed.  Make sure that you tell Melanie that you read about it on the website too.

One last note.  OCmenus also wrote a good story on Melanie that you can read about too.

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