Chances are the Lunch You Just Ate Would Not Be Safe if You Had Food Allergies


Posted by OCFoodallergy on Jan 8, 2012 in Support Group | 0 comments

This is a real photo of my lunch at work the other day.  For the last year, I have really made a huge effort to adopt a healthier life style by eating correctly.  This is a great lunch.  570 calories.  A bijon spinach salad, with nuts and raisins.  Some pita crackers and light swiss cheese.  I typically top it off with an Apple.  It looks healthy and it is a great way to adopt to healthy living (see the Daniel Plan as as good place to start).

But if you look closely at this “healthy” lunch, there are at least 4 coomon food allergies that are deadly to children with food allergies (or anyone with food allergies for that matter).  This is the reality of the situation and something that many of us take for granted.  Both of my kids have different food allergies and would be unable to consume any of my lunch.  But, I can just eat this lunch and not think twice about it.  I don’t question what I put in my mouth, I never think whether it will hurt me or not….and I never wonder if eating something is going to send me to the hospital.  Honestly, I never think about it….but the other day I did.  I looked down at the plate and realized that most of what I was eating was not safe.  Not safe for my kids…but also not safe for most people afflicted with food allergies.

I bring this up because as your children get older (in the 6 plus range), they will start becoming more and more concerned (and sometimes anxious) when it comes to food and eating.  You want them to be aware and you want them to be knowledgeable.  However, this type of discernment (I believe) comes with some emotional prices.

So the next time you sit down to have your healthy (or even non-healthy) meal?  Think about about how you never worry whether the meal will hurt you?  Whether it will make you sick or make you ill?  All the little things that we take for granted daily….and then think about it through the eyes of someone else.

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