Managing Food Allergies at P.F. Chang’s


If you are anything like our family, just the thought of good Chinese food can bring a smile to your face. But if your kids have food allergies, then most of the time you will be avoiding Chinese resturants at all costs. But we have discovered some good news at one of our favorite resturants….P.F. Chang’s.

On our last visit there, we were on a mini-vacation and really had thought that our best option for our kids was going to be plain chicken and white rice. But after speaking with the manager of the resturant, it turns out that on request, they will provide you with a detailed list of items that are “safe” for a specific allergy. The key is that you will want to request this each and every visit, but as you can see by the image below, if you child is allergic to milk (like ours), then you actually have a lot of great options for food at the restuarant.

So when you and the family feel the urge for Chinese food with your food allergic children, then consider a visit to P.F. Chang’s where they can provide some very detailed information regarding a multitude of food allergies.

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