The Unofficial 2012 Food Allergy Girl Scout Cookie Chart


Who can resist this time of the year when it comes to Girl Scout cookies?  Let me tell you…it is dangerous out there.  These tenacious girl scouts, dressed in green will find you no matter where you try and hide:  grocery stores, parks….no place is really safe.

If you have food allergies and you are allergic to Wheat or Soy then you really have no other option but to avoid Girl Scout cookies all together.  However, if you are allergic to Milk, Egg, Coconut or Peanuts, there may be some great cookie options available to you.  The chart below contains the complete 2012 Girl Scout cookie lineup: Thanks-A-Lot, Shout Outs, Lemonades, Shortbread, Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, Caramel deLites and  Peanut Butter Sandwich.

As with all food allergies, it is important that you ALWAYS check the ingredients on the package at the time of purchase.  However, based on our own experience this year (2012), our daughter who has milk allergies has an exciting new option in the form of Girl Scouts Thin Mints cookies.  In years past, Thin Mints were off limits to our daughter because of the milk in the recipe….but this year the milk is gone.  Not only is she officially a Girl Scout, but she can also enjoy the fruits of her labor in the form of a few tasty cookies.

So, when that neighborhood girl dressed in green vest comes knocking on your front door over the next few weeks, take a second too review the incredients for yourself.  You might be pleasantly surprised in Girl Scout cookie choices available to you this year.

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